Motorcycles, Music and Wisdom in the Land

Motorcycles, Music and Wisdom in the Land

I dreamt of a billabong, still water clear
a tiny brown platypus sitting so near
hidden by reeds and tall growing sedge
I watched him dive freely away from his ledge.

As he entered the waters all bubbles and glee
I became that dear platypus and he became me
Then waking quite quickly, a smile in my mind
I “knew” what it meant to be one of his kind
A blessing a story a picture a song
this vision stays with me
tho’ the dream is long gone.

I dedicate the above poem and dream to my dear friend Raymond George ( 13th May 1952 – 29th May 2012). Always in my heart though no longer on this earth. Through you, Ray, I was given the gift of beautiful music and the wisdom of a true friend. You gave me strength when my troubles seemed so hard. You gave me love, understanding, acceptance and laughter.  I honour your life and spirit for eternity and beyond.

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protected by more than money can buy, our hearts, prayers and loving visions for this beautiful blue planet can help change the world
protected by more than money can buy, our hearts, prayers and loving visions for this beautiful blue planet can help change the world

The above Platypus Poem reminds us that dreams of animals, especially when we become that animal, can help us get in touch with our spirit and our spirit purpose. Totems can help us understand and empathise with natural orders. Dreams can help us discover our own “natural order”. Prayers and visions are the substance of creation, and when they come from love – they are indeed powerful.

Keeping your life simple and yet having an abundant life requires not money, but love and spiritual connection with your environment. This is the cornerstone of bluecray’s environmental advocacy reasoning.

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Motorcycles??? A motorcycle is my form of transport, and has helped keep my life simple, “in touch” with my instincts and fun.

Totem based Education System : ideas from bluecray for Catchment Management Education and Regional  Environmental Sustainability and BIODIVERSITY.

Bangarra Dance Theatre: about and chronology – back in the early nineties, I took my small children to see “Praying Mantis Dreaming”  by Stephen Page. It is a most beautiful story, told by music and dance through the Bangarra Dance Theatre. We saw this performance at a little theatre in West End, Brisbane, and I took my children because I felt that they needed to see something that was original, inspiring,and authentically “australian”, in the way of dance, music and story telling . This performance passed all my wildest dreams of what could be done, in the way of performing arts, and I wondered at the time, why this performance was set in such a tiny venue, when the world needed to see it! They have since become acknowledged across the planet for their contribution to the arts, and have more than likely changed many peoples’ lives for the better . The lesson in “Praying Mantis Dreaming” is one that is beyond time, in its essence. Thank you Stephen Page and all those wonderful dancers, musicians and behind the scenes workers who created this miracle work!


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