Crow (Corvus) Links

Al’s CROW links:

Bluecray Journey for Wisdom in the Land blog – CROW search results : should show most of my CROW stories – about Baba, Benoit and Lucy – the children of the Crows – they grew up next door to me, and became my friends, particularly Benoit. They have now all grown and left the nursery area, and only occassionally fly overhead and call out hello to me. I hear them calling out to their parents from the valley below. Their parents still live here, as they are a breeding pair. The parents do not let the children land here anymore, although I am sure that they would like to.

Most of  the Crow photos that I have on this site here, on the Balance of Faeries and Wisdom in the Land blogs are of this family of crows. Benoit, in particular, has been photographed.

Corvus – the Constellation – etymology – at Constellations of Words

“Ted Hughes and Crows” by Ann Skea 1998 and Ted Hughes at Wikipedia

Crow Augury by William L. Cassidy at : the augury is very interesting, and if you dare, have a more in depth look at will find some interesting stories and photos .

The Mythology of the Crow – some symbolism and mythological concepts surrounding the CROW .

Chart Art – Stories of the Children of the Crows: Baba O’Riley, Benoit Mandelbrot, their father, Jeckle, the youngest sibling Lucy,  the goannas, kookaburras, magpies, eagles, hawks and other assorted animals of Upper Burringbar. MOst of these stories are also now on the Wisdom in the Land blog as well. Discussions of Astrology, Chart reading, Constellations, Modern Myths – very much with a crow slant

Bluecray Bird Links – some more Crow links here

Crows and Ravens – Australian Musuem online

Torresian Crows and Brisbane City Council

Bluecray Astro Links – links to Crow Augury, symbols, myths

For Benjamin – some crow pics at

Crow Medicine : this is a beautiful site. well worth checking out

The Spirit of Red Arrow

Crows at Wikipedia

Crow Stories – this is a good site to learn more about crows

For the Love of Crows – many crow links – global the language and culture of crows

Crow Facts – pictures, info, links

Bird Intelligence at Wikipedia

Morrigan at Wikipedia

The Alchemy Website – some Crow Symbology

HAWKS – Crows and Hawks have constant interactions – understanding Hawks helps us understand Crows, and vice versa

Hawk Symbolism – at Divine Sparks blog

Reality Sandwich food for thought – Maya Shaminism

Controversial .com Animals and Witchcraft

Animal Symbolism – easy to read general summary of some symbolic animals

Crow as a totem

Crow as a totem

Shades of the Night – Welcome to the Family

American baby crows – Baby Crow Information  – working with crow medicine

American society of crows and ravens CROWLINKS

Raven crow corvids – myth, folklore religion

Nicola Moss – thought provoking artist – based in and about the Mt Warning Caldera – her blogspother art on the ABC – featuring “Black Crow Morning, noon and night” – and her gallery website : “an Australian artist, based on the Gold Coast. Her works focus on observing and interpreting the ecology of landscapes.


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