Sabian Symbols for bluecray

The Sun – “A man bursting with the wealth of what he has to give”

The Moon – “Mermaid awaits prince who will make her immortal”

Mercury – “A double promise reveals both its inner and outer meanings”

Venus – “A flock of geese flies overhead across clear skies”

Mars – “In a crowded barnyard a hen clucks among her chickens”

Ceres – “An old well, filled with pure water, shaded by trees”

Jupiter – “Defeated general yields up his sword with dignity”

Saturn – “A large white cross stands alone on top of a high hill”

Uranus – “Child watched by chinese servant caresses a white lamb”

Neptune – “Now freed from passion, a man teaches deep wisdom”

Pluto – “Rose windows in a gothic cathedral: one damaged, by war”

Quaoar – “Pelicans, disturbed by men, move to places unknown”

Sedna – “Moving finger points to significant passages in a book”

Chiron – “A woman is disappointed, as a man leaves her boudoir”

Pholus – “A stage symbolization of “the goddess of opportunity”

Nessus – “Two love birds on a fence sing out their pure happiness”

North Node – “Amidst rare books, an old pottery vase holds fresh violets”

South Node – “In the east, light slowly increases, wiping out the stars”

Lilith – “Retired army veterans gather together to reawaken old memories”

AC – “People gather before dawn for an outdoor for an easter service”

MC – “In a portrait, the best of man’s traits are idealised”

the above sabian symbols are taken from What Watch Astrology Program (Robert Amlung).