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  • Australian Visions Success Planner
  • The Change Agency – resources for community organisers & activists for social & environmental change
  • INFFER : Investment Framework for Environmental Resources – “tool for developing and prioritising projects to address environmental issues such as water quality, biodiversity, environmental pests and land degradation. It aims to achieve the most valuable environmental outcomes with the available resources”
  • Water Planning Tools for Australian Water and Catchment Management. Project Team – Griffith University, CSIRO, Sunshine Coast University and Charles Sturt University  & Partnership -National Water Commission and Land & Water Australia. (Land & Water Australia is managing the project on behalf of the partners.)

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Chemicals, particularly agricultural chemicals, have been part of our lives and food chain for many decades now. Responsible use of chemicals is up to the user. If you choose to use a chemical, READ the LABEL!!!!

The manufacturers of chemicals are supposed to follow strict national guidelines in presenting information about the chemicals they produce and market. Hindsight has often shown agricultural chemical usage to be charged with consequences that are far reaching, in human health, as well as in environmental health. And the agricultural and veterinary chemical industry is not the only cause of chemicals in our food chains and ecosystems. Many products that we use in our homes can have dire effects on the ecosystems nearby. However, it is not up to bluecray to tell you what to do. It is your choice as to how you use agricultural chemicals, and which companies you choose to sponsor with your money (via purchasing). But remember – READ the LABEL. The following links will help you understand more about responsible use of agricultural and veterinary chemicals.

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