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Below are links to sites that have relevance to bluecray vision. They include links to psychology, practical lifestyle, advocacy and metaphysical sites that carry some implications for bluecray philosphy.

sualocin_asad_rainy_ones_baba_oct_28_2009The author of bluecray is neither a psychologist nor a philosopher, however, the concepts of understanding, wisdom and love are inherent in bluecray vision, and so, the following links have been included under the general heading of Philosophy Links.

  • The I Ching – as translated by Richard Wilhelm – search around for this translation, with a forward by Carl Jung. It was the first book of changes that I studied, back in the seventies. For those who are not understanding of the diversity of Chinese culture and language, particularly from a historical perspective, this book is perhaps the best I Ching ( Yi Jing) to start with. However, there are many other versions written, that are perhaps a more clear interpretation… look around, find one that suits. I found the I Ching a great way to understand human nature, albeit with a Chinese historical cultural perspective.
  • Woman and Child First – Psychology, Philosophy and much much more
  • PESA : Philosophy of Education Society of Australasia :  their purpose – “advance educational research, policy, and practice” and Educational Philosophy and Theory – Journal. Also, check out their Resources page for their conferences and papers
  • If you like  modern stories that carry with them a feast of reality mixed with the spices of insight and healing, then Stuart Wilde‘s  smorgasboard of  colorful visionary stories  may entertain and enlighten you. Some of his stories may just give you that little extra push that you need to open your eyes, accept yourself, let your anxst of modern living go and move towards a more loving future.
  • Brian Eno : wiki…for those of you unfamiliar with Brian Eno’s inspiring and visionary contribution to the world, have a look at the ABC’s story and interview with Brian Eno HERE .

morning_raindrop2 “Wisdom in the Land” from 1981 – a true story by al at   bluecray

“A Balance of Faeries” from 1989 – a true story by al at bluecray

The Bluecray journey- the Bluecray totem – how it all began” from 1994 by al at bluecray

Motorcycles, Music and Wisdom in the Land

I dreamt of a billabong, still water clear
a tiny brown platypus sitting so near
hidden by reeds and tall growing sedge
I watched him dive freely away from his ledge.
As he entered the waters all bubbles and glee
I became that dear platypus and he became me
Then waking quite quickly, a smile in my mind
I “knew” what it meant to be one of his kind
A blessing a story a picture a song
this vision stays with me
tho’ the dream is long gone.

al @ bluecray

protected by more than money can buy, our hearts, prayers and loving visions for this beautiful blue planet can help change the world

protected by more than money can buy, our hearts, prayers and loving visions for this beautiful blue planet can help change the world

(When you dream of an animal and that animal becomes you – take heed of your story – take heed of it’s story – there is much to learn from this)

Negotiating Diversity – A Field Guide to the Convention on Biological Diversity –  and REFERENCES . – the E.F. Schumacher Society – there are quite a few lectures and papers here that you can browse for motivational  and inspirational thought

The Green Web : serving the needs of activists in the environmental and green movements. AND, Left Biocentrism Primer : Ecological Ethics

The following links are out on a tangent from conventional philospophical concepts, but I have included them as a curiosity

Giri and the 22 Arrows of Truth : Myths for a Modern Age Part3  A story about Machiavellian activity of a “behind the scenes” political (Qld Government) figure in a rural  Community.

  • Giri: Japanese Definition

Why are the following links in PHILOSOPHY?  because motorcycling has been a way of life me for over 33 years ,  and without laughter, “heart” and magic, philosophy could be rather dull….

Joergs Homepage : there is good info here for the BMW R8O motorcycle home mechanic -Problems and Solutions Timing chain replacement, Gearbox, Replacing the rear crankshaft seal,  Replacing the Neutral switch, Front fork seal, Slipping clutch, Changing the pushrod seals, Final drive swap, Oil leaks and modificatications. Also good motorcycle LINKS, and some excellent links to humour .
The BM Shop
Art 4 the Heart
Mallee Vibrations – vibrating the Mallee

The Wit of the Staircase – in memory of  Theresa Duncan : Philosophy

The Magic Word ISBN:    0939093065 by William D. Gann (1950).

and more on W.D. Gann :-  Gann’s reading list for his students, quite a number of philosophical, astrological and numerological texts. Don’t be too put off by Gann having been a dedicated market trader and enthusiastic capitalist – there is still plenty to learn from his market analysis, astrological ideas and numerological concepts.

DSC08251Michael Henry & Justin Robinett – homepage

** Harmony (MUSIC) , Balance (GEOMETRY) & System (ARITHEMATICS). A beautiful and simple way of looking at all things! (from Edgar Cayce’s thoughts in”There is a River”)

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