Biodiversity Links

Biodiversity Links

  • National Toxics Network:
  • Ecospherics Ethics :- “An anthology of ecological, philosophical, spiritual, economic and cultural articles, editorials and reviews exploring the values of the planetary Ecosphere, its ecosystems, communities and wild species – as the natural and time-tested source of a new and compelling “Earth Ethic” for humanity.” plenty of food for thought on this website!! includes articles such as:-” The Roles of Biodiversity in Creating and Maintaining the Ecosphere” by Ted Mosquin .
  • Animal Law Centre :- nice animal advocacy site – giving an overview of Animal Law in Australia – references and links to Australian and State legislation. Includes animal law and the Australian Constitution, enforcements and threatened species laws in Australian States
  • SGAP SEED BANK information about the Society for Growing Australian Plants Seed Banks

biodiversity education

  • Australian Science Teachers Association – ASTA – promoting Science teaching, this site has educational resources for Science learning for all ages, including a “2010 Resource WEB.pdf”  that is a resource book of ideas for teachers – Australian Biodiversity – 2010.

Wildlife Preservation Society of  Queensland – search results Ric Nattrass

bluecray ENVIRONMENT search results for Ric Nattrass

  • Who was Lloyd Bird ? find out more about this most amazing botanist, whose work with flora of the SE Region of Queensland led to new plant species being discovered, conservation programs being implemented, developments incorporating wildlife and native vegetation corridors and much much more. Sadly, Lloyd passed away in the beginning of September 2009, but his work will inspire and guide others for generations to come.
  • Len Webb was one of the worlds most inspiring Scientists working for rainforest ecology and Conservation in the past 100 years: Environmental Search Engine results for this National treasure, who passed away sadly at the end of 2008. A biography outlining some of his many achievements is on a number of websites. Here is a link to his biography at CHAH.
  • A Balance of Faeries” a story about how little things can add up to big things

Collages13I wrote the above poem about PK (Phantom Koala) and the Planner  to try to describe how environmentally sustainable development and biodiversity can begin to go together, but only if  all of the native wildlife are considered first and foremost, only if wildlife environmental(eg their life quality, ecology and ecosystems etc) requirements are considered as the main, first, foremost, and all encompassing parameters.

You see, development for infrastructure, urban expansion, mining  and agriculture currently is based on personal money(power) and political motive. We are fooling ourselves and others, if we think that this will lead to a better future world for our children and for life , in general, all over our beautiful blue planet.  Walk gently, my friends – Al Polistchuk