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Australia was once a vast group of individual and inter-related Nations of Land and Water Custodians. The Australian Aboriginal People managed the Forestry and Vegetation Resources of  Australia so well, that when the Europeans arrived and began to remove timber trees for their agriculture, buildings, towns, industries, transport and possessions, there was much timber (and many varieties ) that could be harvested.

Unfortunately, this recent (past 200 years or so) harvesting of timber trees  created massive biodiversity loss, land degradation, catchment salination and many other complex environmental problems (eg local and global weather patterns, environmental stresses, and pollution)

Agroforestry today, if managed according to the vaste knowledge that Australian Natural Resource Managers now know, can be a fantastic opportunity to fix many of the above problems, as well as maintaining a biodiverse, healthy, sustainable Industry for the Nation as a whole.

Australian Carbon Pollution can be largely moderated by the inclusion of Australia Wide Farm Forestry at a Regional level.  Biodiversity can be increased within Regional Farm Forestry Implementation by careful land stewardship, vision, networking  and research.

Australian Forestry Standard – the Australian Forest Certification Scheme – AFCS

Biodiversity, Bioenergy, Biofuels and Wisdom : a story of the “War on Biodiversity” in the Mt Warning Caldera Region, NE NSW and SE QLD, Australia.

CARBON FARMING INITIATIVE at :- “The CFI is a carbon offsets scheme that is part of Australia’s carbon market. Legislation to underpin the CFI was passed by Parliament on 23 August 2011. On 15 September 2011 the Carbon Credits (Carbon Farming Initiative) 2011 (CFI Act) received royal assent.

Carbon Farming Initiative : CFI Administrator (Australian Government)

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