Food Links

Food Links

Organic food production is most sustainable when regional or local. The Mt Warning Caldera Region (NE NSW & SE QLD, Australia) is rich in Horticultural and Agricultural (food, herb and textile)  producing soils, locations and communities. Permaculture, Bio-dynamic and Organic Principles are practiced by many people and small communities.


The Mt Warning Caldera Region has both high rural and urban densities, high pressures from developments (approved and in the pipeline), much fragmented native vegetation and a heritage of vast, long gone biodiverse habitats and natural systems.

Still, there remains a rich and diverse number of Ecosystems, ranging from the Gondwana Rainforests and tall timbered Open Forests to the Coastal Heathlands, Swamplands and numerous Catchments that flow from the Mt Warning Caldera Ranges and Plateaus to the coast or further inland.

Organic growing of Food can exist happily within and about these ecosystems, fostering increasing biodiversity and providing healthy food for a growing Coastal Urbanised poplulation.

Food Links:

“Grow your own food” – Permaculture, simple easy lifestyle gardening

A Modern Herbal by Mrs M Grieve – A-Z Herbs, dated but very useful reference

The Fukuoka Farming WebsiteResources page : Masanobu Fukuoka, pioneering modern day respect for Nature, author of “One Straw Revolution”

Commemorating Masanobu Fukuoka

Soil and Health Library :-Free e-books about holistic agriculture, health and holistic living

Seed Savers Network

Eden Seeds

The Seven Stages of Disease :- Toxemia explained by J. H. Tilden : Enervation, Toxemia, Irritation, Inflammation, Ulceration, Induration, Fungation – a great little guide to understanding the stages of ill-health, as you create your own healing pathway.

The Essential Oil Cookbook – cooking for the new Millenium:- essential oil information, recipes to strengthen the immune system, and heart, recipes for weight loss and depression.

Select Organic – seeds for home gardeners

Organic Food Directory : Regional Organic Groups

Northern Rivers Food Links : “initiatives identified within the Northern Rivers Food Links Business Plan during 2010 and 2011, include:
Village Showcase Projects, Marketing & EducationDistribution Projects, Food Production and Distribution in Indigenous Communities Project, Sustainable Agriculture Projects, Local Government Resource Kit, Discretionary Projects” : Northern Rivers Producers’ Register – for local sustainable food networking.

 Santos Natural Food Store : “Organic, Biodynamic and Natural Online Australian Wholefood and Health Food Products. Delivered Australia wide. GM Free.” Santos also has links to ethical businesses in its LINKS pages

Organic Growing – Organic Research Group , University of New England, Armidale, NSW, Australia

Organic & Quality Foods – supplying SE Queensland, Australia

Australian Bush Food – : FORUM – search their Forum, Bushtucker, Native medicines and more

Beechmont  Community Market more info on Beechmont markets at :

Gold Coast Organic Farmers Market : location, times, articles, information

Organic Federation of Australia

Brisbane Organic Growers Inc –  and a short history of this worthy organic growers group of Brisbane – a short history by Vic Calthorpe

Permaculture Principles : A foundation for sustainability

Introduction to Permaculture – concepts and resources

Permaculture – Tagari Publications, Australia

Permaculture Research Institute of Australia

Biological Farmers of Australia – Australia’s largest representative Organic Body: increasing consumer awareness of organic food and supporting  growth of local food economies

Demeter Bio-Dynamic Agriculture in Australia

  • The Bio-Dynamic Agricultural Association of Australia (BDAAA) : farmer based advisory organisation for commercial producers
  • The Bio-Dynamic Research Institute (BDRI) : Organic and Bio-Dynamic Certification Organisation responsible for the DEMETER Trademark (Australian Accredited).
  • Biodynamic Marketing Co. Ltd. (BDMC) : Distributes Bio-Dynamic produce to Australian consumers and facilitates export

National Association for Sustainable Agriculture, Australia -Australian and International Organic Certifier : resources, networks, links, steps to organic certification

Organic Research Group -Links for Organic Research ( University of New England, Armidale, NSW, Australia)

Organic Growers of Australia – links and more

EcoDirectory : food, farming, blogging, organics and alot more

Food Connect : Local and Sustainable Foods South East Queensland. With eighty or so farmers in the SE QLD regional area, Food Connect offers a simple regional solution to feeding your family.

EcoMart – ” producer/consumer cooperatives to distribute local produce and goods to village and neighbourhood shops and to consumers who order online.” Their strategy says they are about local food networks and they are currently setting up in Northern Rivers (November 2009). More details on their website

EcoMart Northern Rivers Co-op Ltd

USA : National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service : Market Gardening – A Start Up Guide . Although in USA, this site still offers relevent info for starting up a market garden

Finding a market in Mt Warning Caldera Region (NE NSW & SE QLD) : you can try some of the following links to locate a market in this region-

genetic modification – “Do We really have a Choice” by Rachel P. Lorenzen in Resource Management in Asia-Pacific News

Palm Oil – the Killer Oil – article at

phantythat blog : spuds to us – a nice article summing it up. I think that alot of us “know” that genetic tampering by large corporations that have a stranglehold on agricultural and horticultural seed crops is one of the most damaging scenarios that food source biodiversity faces. Best way I can think of facing this monster is by putting your money and support behind those NON genetically engineered crops and distributors, who market organic, genetically biodiverse “natural” seed

Honey Bees and genetically modified Canola

Organic Research Group – Funding Considerations on homepage

The Vegetarian/Vegan Society of Queensland – resources, links, restaurants and more

Down on the Farm – – Rosebank, NE NSW, Australia

Eden Seed’s Organic Links

Qld Department of Primary Industries & Fisheries

NSW Department of Primary Industries and Associated Agencies

World Trading and the Global Stuff……

BIOSECURITY Australia – wikipedia


Finalised Plant IRAs – DAFF (import risk analysis)

Small local businesses are the Backbone of Regional Sustainable Industries. Why not support them by spending your dollars there, supplying them with local produce and textiles to sell , or creating value added crafts / other merchandise for them to offer on a local and regional basis.

2 thoughts on “Food Links”

  1. Comments(2); 1. I was referred to your webpage today in-Lismore(by ‘G’), who said there was ‘more of a/n’ interactive-site, by which one could send-in product/s becoming available, trade and/or purchase requirements (as on eBay!) – which would of course be possible, it seems to me; there are as you correctly and wisely point-out ever so many growers(& gardeners) up-here, producing good produce, often to-excess; yet……..
    2. As one who has a top-honours Ag.Science degree(Syd.Univ.), with two subsequent Certificates in organic growing(NASAA Inspector’2000), and in 2009 BFA-TAFE Organic Auditors’ Certificate completed, YET there are still ‘no jobs’ or nothing-obvious, since the ‘organic movement’ is so-diffracted, into so many ‘isms’ and won’t talk amongst all-the-groups(!) ; could your webpage help to overcome this anti-democratic streak’ in the long-talked about(since 1960s) and so-called ‘organic movement’ – which my late-Father helped to get-moving(after 1970 in nw-Sydney);
    Joe A Friend, ex-HDRA(Syd.), c 2 Green thumbs! Organic Gardener and Farmer;
    ‘expert Adviser’ on toxicwoodyweeds, and enviro’narcotic toxins in waters and the-air!
    P O Box 1518, Lismore. 2480 (and @)
    P O Box 100, braidwood. 2622. (Messages: 0248428071)

  2. Interesting comments Joe. I understand frustrations at “closed house” mentalities – These protective human mechanisms are often fear/ignorance based, perhaps with money or status driven delusions.

    I was unsure of your use of the “democratic” word. Like “free will and choice” – we mostly have “democracy” here in Australia, compared to many other places. Although, peoples’ greed is really stuffing the “free will, decision making and democracy” up for large numbers of simple living folk who are largely just living their lives.
    Rather than focus on the constraints, see them as opportunities.
    Local organics networks can spread across any number of cultural and sub cultural localities.
    The very nature of small and local, medium and regional contrast healthily to large and global
    concepts, when it comes to agricultural and horticultural production in an uncertain future.
    However….. Whilst many organic growers “know” that local and regional organics makes sense,
    they also know that the Australian population is in the cities and urban / semi-rural sprawl. It is mostly there that the population is tele marketbrainwashed
    as they chase FREE lifestyles dependent on non-organic mono-cultured, high energy corporatised production. They unwittingly, and often just from plain survival mode… support large economies of scale. These high energy input, habitat destroying “food” and “textile” non environmentally sustainable production systems will eventually destroy themselves.

    My own experiences with Organic Growers Groups/ Co-operatives largely came about through the 80’s, 90’s onward.
    Watching the formation of National Standards, i saw the enthusiasm to embrace new, authentic national organic guidelines.
    Various individuals and groups interfacing with beaurocracy and political powerplays and spin.
    This is the same as it ever was, and to me, staying small, under the radar, like a bluecray, so to speak,
    can lead you to the wonderful world of organic growers that are just doing their thing…. no groups, no fads,
    no stringently signed guideline strings attached.
    Healthy regional agricultural and horticultural industries,
    based on localised marketing and authentic Environmental Stewardship (obviously that would include “ORGANIC” Growing).
    These industries and their networks face the most fierce competition from the economies of scale mainstream, high energy producers and marketers.

    Forums and knowledge/ideas exchange is a valuable service of the internet. But also somewhat of a red herring. Blogs can be valuable mechanisms to promote discussion, and use of the various directories and search engines can help.

    Exchange of information is fantastic on the internet, and this is a strength for ORGANICS.
    Regarding local and regional organic produce marketing and cooperative sharing –
    well, i think it is just the beginning , as more networks evolve
    meanwhile… the plants and animals keep thriving in those organic gardens scattered about the Mt Warning Caldera and beyond.
    All the best, Al P.

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