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The Environment and the Economies of Non-sustainable developments and lifestyles are now reaching almost incomrehensible levels of dichotomy.

The same historic sweet tragic mix of power, money, land ownership and poverty replays over and over again, as decisions for many are made by so few. And our beautiful Earth Environment,  that holds our world together,  largely reflects this. Our actions , both individually and collectivelly, as a species / “child” of  God speak very clearly, these days…..


It is this world that our leaders of technology, mass economies, political agendas, power, and resources require taking utmost care with, in their vision, decision making and directions. It is this world, that we as individuals, require taking utmost care with, in our vision, decision making and directions.


The Ecologically Sustainable Development LINKS page includes (as at November 2009):-

  • Conferences and Events
  • Sustainability Networks and Discussion Groups
  • State Government Sites
  • Australian Government Environment Sites
  • Local Government Sites
  • Non-Government Organisations
  • Island Quarry Arts and Eco Centre :- creating ” a model for sustainable living through environmental, economic and social activity” – Byron Bay, Northern Rivers, NSW

Conservation Regional Areas NE NSW (Northern Rivers)