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Education, especially when it incorporates CONTINUITY and places Environmental Learning above Economic Learning, is extremely valuable. This is so, both for Australians and indeed, the entire WORLD.  THE  THREE “R” – reading, writing and arithmetic, when integrated fully within an ENVIRONMENTAL learning base, can give our youth incredible knowledge and prepare them on a pathway for ” Wisdom in the Land”. I hope some of the links below are of use to you. I shall add to these links from time to time.


##Australian Centre for Cultural Environmental Research – “The Australian Centre for Cultural Environmental Research (AUSCCER) is an exciting new research initiative commencing in 2009, funded by the University of Wollongong and the Australian Research Council (ARC).“##

Bureau of Rural Sciences Home – DAFF

David Pannell – Home Page – Resource Articles and Discussions on economics, science, environment, natural resource management, politics, people & agriculture. David pannell’s website has a rich and varied source of well informed environmental resource papers and documents

Steve Keen’s Debtwatch at : including monthly reports on debt levels in Australia and USA. In his book “Debunking Economics,” ” Steve let the general public in on a little-known secret: that many widely believed economic models have been shown by economists to be wrong—hence the subtitle to his book, “the naked emperor of the social sciences”.”

Stu’s Edu Webview a MS PowerPoint slideshow (360KB) all about Student-Centred Intranets and why your school should have one  available to schools in NSW Australia – download EduWeb 2009

Australian Forests -” The National Forestry Education and Awareness Network reports to the Federal Government and consists of the State- based forest educators involved in the development and delivery of teaching and learning programs and resources for teachers and students. ”  Australian Forests, sustainability, industries, management, education

Mayfield Lab Plant Ecology and Conservation : community ecology and the conservation of plant and insect communities in human altered environments – University of Queensland :  including publications on Community Ecology Theory and Species,  Functional Diversity of Human-altered Landscapes, Evolutionary Ecology and Conservation Biology  and Papers on Pollination as an Ecosystem Service

DECC For teachers, schools and community educators

Education Network Australia : Resources and Networks for Learning & Teaching

OurCoolSchool – for teachers and students

The Book Garden – books for children, parents, teachers, including Poetry and Nursery Rhymes . Browse their other Categories.HERE .

Margaret Warner’s wildlife resources, books, educational resources – curriculum material online

NSW DEPARTMENT for EDUCATION and TRAINING :- Curriculum Support .

Cross – Cultural Environmental Education and the evolution of Australia’s Cultural Policy” article by al at bluecray November 2009

EARTH PORTAL : Biodiversity, Climate Change, Energy, Environmental Health, Globalisation, Marine Health, Pollution, Water

Earthwatch Australia .

Australian Rainforest Conservation Society

Australian Government RIRDC – Environmental and commercial outcomes through agroforestry – Policy and investment options

  • Geoscience Australia – Geoscience Basics – Australian through time, land tenure, dimensions, landforms
  • Australian Landforms – ” A web based activity for exploring the formation of the Australian Landscape

Northern Rivers – Catchment Management Authority

Ecosystem Healthy Monitoring Program – at Healthy Waterways SE QLD

Permaforest Trust – Centre for Sustainability Education :  sustainability education, networking,  resources for ecological, cultural and personal lower carbon future and much more

PESA : Philosopy of Education Society of Australasia :  their purpose – “advance educational research, policy, and practice” and Educational Philosophy and Theory – Journal .    Also, check out their  page for their conferences and papers.

The Journal of Natural and Social Philosophy

School of Journalism & Communications, University of Queensland : Dr Kitty van Vuuren’s page, with a list of some of her highly informative articles on community & communications.

Regional Futures Institute : Southern Cross University – and ABOUT the Institute

Arran Gare at wiki

Tara Bennett-Goleman – Emotional Alchemy – her insights into how to “break the chain” of dependence on our emotional habits that no longer serve us. Worth taking a good look at.

Statewide map

The Regional Institute

Australian Rainforest Conservation Society

Greening Australia Resources for Vegetation Management

eRA :  e Research Archive – online Queensland Primary Industries and Fisheries archive of scientific and research publications

Water For Life New Online Education Tool to Help Save Water

Welcome to the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)

Soil and Health Library


HotRock:  i had to change this link, but this is what the old site said:- “Australian-based charitable organisation  helping secondary schools to deliver sustainability education….. formed in 2007 with the clear purpose of educating our youth for a sustainable future“. The new link , i presume is for the same HotRock – a “green living bookstore”

Footprint Calculator at WWF .

Global – The Cloud Institute for Sustainability Education – Play the sustainability GAME

Biomimicry Education at the Biomimicry Institute

A Modern Herbal Home Page

A YEAR ON THE WING – an online documentary _ LEARNING & DOING – this page at is no longer there

About Wellbeing Manifesto

ACF – GreenHome

Advanced search –

Agsafe – ChemClear – Welcome

AMOS – Sydney – link now gone – it was a maths link at the University of NSW .

ARC Home Page – Australian Research Council (ARC)

Australian Dairy Conference

Australian Government, 2007-08 Commonwealth Budget

Australian Government Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations

Aust. Govt Dept Education, Employment & Workplace Relations – old site prior to Labour Govt

Australian Government National Research Priorities – Education, Employment & Workplace Relations

Australian Moth Larvae – this link was via the University of Technology SYDNEY , but it appears to have gone or moved

Australian National Insect Collection (ANIC)

Burringbar Rainforest Nursery – a photoset on Flickr

Caterpillars of Australian Butterflies

CERES : Centre for Education and Research in Environmental Strategies – Melbourne, Australia

Cleanaway – – Home

Crayfish Links at Carnegie Museum of Natural History

Crayfish of Australia

Australian Freshwater Crayfish Project

Crayfish of New South Wales

Crayfish of Queensland

Crayfish Taxon Browser __ Species Page

Crayfish – at the Australian Museum – but now i cannot find the link. Perhaps you can, if you search their site.

Linnean Society of NSW

CSIRO Australia – Feature Articles – Trouble with Termites

CSIRO Entomology

CSIRO PUBLISHING – Australian Journal of Experimental Agriculture

“Curriculum Framework – Overarching Learning Outcomes”  and “Curriculum Framework – Overarching Statement – Links Across the Curriculum”- these 2 links were originally at what is now the Western Australian Government’s Curriculum Council

DEC _ Benefits of Recycling Study and Calculator


Discovery & Learning

Driving you Wild!

Ecofibre Industries Limited – Welcome to our web site

Encyclopedia-Critical Lands Toolkit

Environment – advice videos on Global Warming – The Science, Green Living, Oil Policies

Environmental Law Publishing

Famous Mineral Localities_ RUDABANYA, HUNGARY. _ The Mineralogical Record (March , 2001)

Famous Mineral Localities_ RUDABANYA, HUNGARY

Fibonacci Numbers, the Golden section and the Golden String

Geoscience Australia_ MapConnect

Go to homepage.

Google Image Result for

Governor’s Public Lands Policy Coordination Office Home Page

GRDC – Insect Pests of Pulses and their Control

“Guidelines for engaging in the commercial production of industrial hemp in Queensland” – this was at the DPI QLD  (Qld Govt Department of Primary Industries  and Fisheries website – but it is now denied or moved

Heavens-Above Home Page

Hemp Fibre Natural Fibre

Home-Critical Lands Toolkit

House Systems in Schools and Universities

House Systems in Secondary Schools

How To Do Basic Deskercise (Jobs & Careers_ Office Life)



Incentives-Critical Lands Toolkit

INTBAU (International Network for Traditional Building, architecture and Urbanism)

International environmental law – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

International Water Centre :- “Sharing knowledge in integrated water management” and the link to their publications page is HERE .

Journal of Philosophy of Education

Journal of Educational Theory

LandcareOnline – Community, corporates, government working together for a sustainable environme

Law – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Libraries Australia :     libraries with the book “How to Save Bushland from Developers – a guide for SE QLD” – Michael Stephen 2006

Living sustainably __ Our environment – it’s a living thing

Logan & Albert Conservation Association

The Science Art Website – situated in UKI, Mt Warning Caldera Region, NSW – PAGE no longer there

Monitoring termites and wood borers in the home (Feature Article)


Natural Heritage Trust publications – Annual reports

New South Wales State Library

NSW Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water : Summaries of Legislation (ACTS) that the Department operates under

Observation statistics sorted by observer

Open Archives Initiative

Palm Oil – the Killer Oil – article at

Plant Health Australia web site

PlantNET – FloraOnline

Public international law – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Griffith University

University of Queensland, Australia

Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia

Rat Behavior and Biology

Real Estate Education

Recycling Near You – Home

Waste Minimisation Education Factsheets – these were at

Researchers develop environmental cotton farm calculator – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Co

Resourcing the Curriculum

RFA, Symposium Dailan Pugh

Rudabánya (Hungary)

Schools In NSW, high schools, primary schools, catholic schools –

School of Biological Sciences at the University of Queensland

Museum Magnet Schools – Museum & Technology Educational Resources

Australian Wildife Book list – reading for Young Children (list accompanying the “What’s for Lunch” exhibition) –  prepared by the library staff at the Australian National Botanic Gardens.

Power House Museum – Technology Education & Resources – Kids Resources – “The goal of Skeptical Science is to explain what peer reviewed science has to say about global warming……….Skeptical Science is maintained by John Cook, the Climate Communication Fellow for the Global Change Institute at the University of Queensland”.

Social Justice Report 2007

Species By Country

State Library of  Queensland

Sustainable living, your guide to a sustainable life! €” Natural Strategies

TAGS Inc. Australia – The Paralysis Tick of Australia – this website seems to disappeared

Tax Deductible Organisations (Register of Environmental Organisations)

Teaching Approaches : Environmental Sudies at Antioch University USA

The Australia Institute

The Eucalypt Plantations of NSW

The National Education Directory Australia Pty Ltd – Environment in NSW

The National Education Directory Australia Pty Ltd – Find Australian Schools & Colleges – E

The Well Trained Activist‘s article “Can Corporate Leadership Theorists Help Activists?”  – This is a great website full of great inspiration.

totem – Synonyms from :- “Tweed Climate Action Now (Tweed CAN) was created by residents of the Tweed Shire, in the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales, Australia in 2006. We aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through local action.”

tweed council – Much information for local environmental issues can be found via your LOCAL COUNCIL WEBPAGE –

Tweed Heads Music Land :- if you want to buy quality musical items or instruments –  with friendly advice and great service, I have found that the service from Tweed Heads Music Land is reliable and extremely helpful.

University of Sydney, Australia. Teaching and research excellence, international reputation, co

UNSWITCH – UNSW Environmental Management Program

Up Close and Spineless – Open category 2007

USA.gov_ The U.S. Government’s Official Web Portal

View Threat Summary Table – citrus (pathogens) – this was at Plant Health Australia . remember, to practice “BIOSECURITY”, it is important to always consider INTEGRATED PEST MANAGEMENT as the PRIME APPROACH.

Water Planning Tools for Australian Water and Catchment Management. Project Team – Griffith University, CSIRO, Sunshine Coast University and Charles Sturt University  & Partnership -National Water Commission and Land & Water Australia. (Land & Water Australia is managing the project on behalf of the partners.)

Weeds CRC – this website appears to not be there anymore, but try searching for “Weeds cooperative research”

Welcome to the SFFA official website – Research

Wet Paper Online

What Scat is that? – nature feature article at ABC , showing some Australian marsupial scat images, and explaining why recognising native fauna scat can help us understand how and where our Australian marsupials live.

Australian Fauna Scat:- “Tracks, Scats and Other Traces A Field guide to Australian Mammals” – book by Barbara Triggs ( ISBN: 9780195550993)

Binna Burra Mountain Lodge

University of Queensland, Australia – The School of Natural and Rural Systems Management & University of Qld, Australia – Small-scale Forest Economics, Management and Policy – these links are now gone – try searching the University of Queensland

What can I do_ – Find a facilitator – this link also gone, but perhaps you can find it at the “Caring for our Country” website.


Xstrata Newlands Coal Mine expansion

ZipcodeZoo Ranger Home Page


Richmond-Tweed Regional Library

Water For Life New Online Education Tool to Help Save Water

Library of Documents – eBooks

Waste, Water, Weather, Worms, Poo, and POW! – webpage gone – environmentally educating resources for schools & libraries

Treelovers – Mt Warning Caldera

Rufous Bettong links:

at bluecray Balance of Faeries

at Bluecray Journey for Wisdom in the Land

History Links

Below are blank freehand drawn MAPS of Australia that you can use freely for educational purposes. Feel free to download these blank maps of Australia

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