Biodiversity, Bioenergy, Biofuels and Wisdom

Condong Mill, Sunshine Electricity, Delta energy, individual land owners and other Bioenergy consortiums, providers, merchants and “tradespeople” are currently conducting a war on biodiversity in the Northern rivers of NSW, Australia.  How? By working with Forests NSW to destructively harvesting Camphor Laurels as biofuels to create GREEN ENERGY. They are currently doing this in the … Read moreBiodiversity, Bioenergy, Biofuels and Wisdom

Ideas, Serving, Knowledge and Vision

Vision, Serving , Knowledge and Ideas – which ever way, these Qualities of humanity can help our quest to work with the earth instead of against it. These qualities can help us attain Authentic Environmental Stewardship. The Six Clusters of Denial—Death by Storytelling at Another story, worth reading. News, advertising, tweets, YouTube, advertising, blogs, … Read moreIdeas, Serving, Knowledge and Vision

Wisdom in the Land

Wisdom in the Land About 28 years ago, when I was studying at Gatton Agricultural College, I realised that to have a goal in life, something that I could work on, that would give me meaning to life, may be a good thing. I meditated upon this, and decided that, to keep it simple, it … Read moreWisdom in the Land