Dear Mr Premier

Dear Mr Premier

To the Premier of NSW in 2012, from a young child, “Gabriella Damuse”

At church they teach me “do not kill”
At school they teach extinction
In church they say to love is good
Yet schooling has distinction
I’m told that shooting dogs and ‘roos
Is ok ‘cos they’re pests
I’m told at prayer to care for all
It’s god that sets the test

At church I look across the aisles
and smell sweet frankincense
the choir it rises singing loud
above gunshots over the fence

Outside our church is National Park
to kill in church is bad
But killing our nature is OK?
I’m told it makes us glad

to kill the ducks and dogs and ‘roos
I’m told it helps the land
But Mr Premier of this State
I do not understand

Mr Premier, Is killing good?
Why can we shoot and maime
God’s dear creatures that roam this earth
for pleasure, in fun and game

and why Mr Premier of NSW
do you let these shooters so near
to where I walk in Heritage Parks
Why do you give me such fears?

I am eight years old, soon to be nine
I love the wild creatures of earth
school teaches me to respect and learn
so why do you teach me to hurt

the dogs and ducks and roos and all
the creatures that god created
Mr Premier please why don’t you care
that our national emblem is hated

In school they teach me follow the rules
I try to keep up with the changes
In grade two I learnt that National Parks
protected biodiverse ranges

In church they teach me “listen to God”
I try in my heart to do good
so killing is wrong inside this church?
But not when i go to the woods?

Your mixed legislation and news of the days
Mr Premier, head of this state
tells me guns are so bad, they destroy give off fear
But I’m scared to walk out of the gate

and into the fields of the National Park
ringing with gunshot and blood
Mr Premier please, you’re scaring me so
with your tactics to kill for the good.

Dedicated to the life, wisdom and spirit of John Muir (1838-1914)

John Muir – John Muir Quotes  –  John Muir Wiki  –  John Muir Born Dunbar, Scotland on April 21st 1838 – died Los Angeles, California on December 24th 1914John Muir Quotes at Sierra Club  – John Muir and the Geography of Hope at the Colong Foundation for Wilderness and National Parks not Hunting Parks at the Colong Foundation for Wilderness.

The following links may help you convince the Premier of NSW, 2012, Mr O’Farrell to reconsider his inconsistent decision to allow recreational hunters into National Parks of NSW. Whilst management of feral animals is an important issue in NSW, the agreement to allow recreational hunters into NSW National Parks stresses the limited resources of National Park Custodians, threatens the safety of passive users of NSW National Parks and will not result in meaningful lowering of numbers of feral animals. Outweighing the rationale of the pro recreational shooters stance that it will help manage feral animal populations, are the real situations of human safety, weak monitoring and evaluation logistics, lack of proof for practical habitat and wildlife safeguarding, highly dubious feral animal management impacts and possible breach of certain Australian environmental laws and policies.

Petition to tell Premier Mr Barry O’Farrell that allowing hunters with guns into NSW National Parks and Reserves is WRONG and not wanted by the Australian People, nor by the Overseas Families that visit these beautiful and peaceful conservation areas

Keep Hunters Out of New South Wales Parks Petition at CARE2 petitionsite“Living Well means adopting forms of consumption, behaviour and conduct that are not degrading to nature. It requires an ethical and spiritual relationship with life”

hunting for answers from Don Page… article/ letter to in echonet daily 3rd July 2012.


*********************SEE More Form Letters & PETITION BELOW******************

The above cartoons illustrate some of the issues that are connected with the NSW Government’s 2012 decision to allow recreational shooters into NSW National Parks.

The following PDF is a form petition that can be copied and distributed to those who wish to help lobby to have this legislation turned around.
Alternatively, the first page of the petition can be altered, added to and used as a form letter, which can then be copied and sent to any number of relevent government representatives, such as Prime Minister Gillard, Federal Tourism Minister, Martin Ferguson and the Premier Mr O’Farrell. Do not forget to sign it, though!! Best of Luck!! It is important that the NSW Government understands that many people, from Australia and overseas, are concerned for Safety within our National Parks. Safety for themselves, their children and the precious and biodiverse Native Wildlife that have refuge within and about our NSW National and Heritage Listed Parks.

Form Letter & Petition for distribution, concerning recreational shooting in NSW National Parks (PDF 40.5kB)

Form letter to The Hon. Robyn Mary PARKER, MP concerning recreational    shooting in national Parks in NSW, Australia (6.1kB)

Below are some links to websites that have interest in this topic, concerning recreational shooting in National Parks in NSW.

Minister for the Environment and Minister for Heritage NSW, Australia

Game and Feral Animal Control Ammendment Bill

Shooters trade electricity for right to hunt in national parks By Laura Bailey ABC 30th May 2012

NO HUNTING RALLY LISMORE – pics of the rally at Flickr (rally was late in June 2012) outside senator georges office

Post script…..four days after original posting of the article here

Since this article on Hunting in National Parks (NSW, Australia) was published, this website has been under consistent attack by a person(s) who has been trying to log into this website to gain some type of malicious control…. the site has been forced down over and over again by bombarding it with requests to log in, numbering in the many thousands.  Clearly some machines have been used to do this, resulting in a denial of service.

I also wish to add here that I have a number of friends who are recreational hunters, and they also do not fully agree with the free for all ability of persons to go into National Parks to hunt. These friends of mine hunt responsibly, and recognise that hunting has to be responsibly conducted, with compassion for the animal being hunted and DUE CARE for those people and other animals in the surrounding areas where the hunt is occurring. These hunters respect the bushland of Australia. However, not all hunters are like this, just like not all people cannot be relied upon to be responsible in other areas of life. This is the current human condition.

I would also like to say that I have had conversations with a professional hunter who has been at the occupation for decades. I was told that not even some professional hunters are all caring within their approach to animal hunting… and so..


IS OUR government protecting the people of NSW, and our visitors to this State, from harm, by allowing this movement of hunters through and into national parks for recreational hunting?


A POEM about Sustainability

a short poem for sustainability, to be read to each an every one of our politicians at bedtime

S is for signing,
Unreachable goals
S states agreements
That are riddled with holes
A augments mining and consumption with a TAX
Inflating egos rinehart twiggy
Nearing devil pacts
A is for the aussie
Belching beers and beach
Igniting forests poisoned air
Lessons out of reach
I is for insanity
That politicians preach to
Youth hooked up on spending wheels

Sustaining the lies they teach
U is us, thats U ‘n Me
Staring past the fibs
Telling each and everyone
About our goals unreached
Instead its
Now Near  ending time

Abhorrent tho’ it seems
Because the word SUSTAINABLE
Is taking childhood dreams
Lashing childhood energy
In fear and lack of hope
The word sustaining really means
Your sucked in, ya silly dope


a short sustainability poem for politicians, by
marthaa damuse


Shooters’ arrogance” – Echonetdaily 24th July 2012 (letter by concerned Northern Rivers resident)

MP’s unite against huniting in Parks – Echonetdaily 26th July 2012 – (article by Luis Feliu page 2).  State Labor shadow environment spokesperson Luke Foley, Richmond MP Justine Elliot, Labor candidate for Tweed Shire Council Michael Armstrong, Walt Secord MLC, and Tweed Labor council candidate Reece Byrnes made an announcement of their campaign against Hunting in NSW National Parks at the 464-hectare Cudgen Nature Reserve. The Cudgen Nature Reserve is a home to sea turtles and one of the three remaining at risk koala colony sites on the Tweed Coast. It is next to the controversial Kings Forest Development by Leda, (up to 5,000 new homes to be built).  Hunting will be allowed in nearly 800 parks and reserves across the state. Included in the 79 NSW National Parks earmarked for hunting are the Richmond Range National Park west of Kyogle, the World Heritage-listed Nightcap National Park east of Nimbin, Yabbra National Park and World Heritage-listed Dorrigo National Park.



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