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Bluecray is a non-profit Environmental Advocacy Resource Site.

Bluecray is based within the Mt Warning Caldera Region, on the central east coast of Australia. Bluecray vision: REGIONAL ENVIRONMENTAL ADVOCACY.

  • Linking global, national, state, regional and local environmental advocacy resources together, thus bringing the bigger global picture to a local practical level and vice versa.

Bluecray’s current focus: Finding up to date regional environmental advocacy and educational resources to share with individuals, community, organisations, researchers, business and interest groups within and about the Mt Warning Caldera Region.

  • Whether you want to find local wildlife carers, environmental historical references, current research links, legal documents, community project information, scientific data or a business this site will give you some useful links.

  • Meanwhile, if you would like to know more about the “Bluecray” Journey and “totem” and how it all began for me, try this link HERE.

Have fun looking about the site, use the search engines, leave comments if you wish, or offer a story or insight.


Alison Polistchuk  – (a small voice telling a big story)

Mt Warning View from Beechmont Plateau - Rosins Lookout

Below is a brief outline of the professional work that I have experienced. The following summary may help you understand how and why I have created bluecray as a vessel to tell the stories that bluecray shares.

My professional Background:-

  • Foundation teacher / co-ordinator TAFE : helping to initialize & set up  teaching Horticultural Courses and Environmental training programs, Ipswich, Qld and Gold Coast, Qld.
  • Educational and community Programs and initiatives:- Workshops and forums on Environmentally sustainable development; pesticide handling and safety; train the trainer; native grasses; environmental weeds; organic growing; native flora seed collection, including nursery production and plantings.
  • Environmental Community Education:-  landcare co-ordinator; bush regeneration; native wildlife habitat rehabilitation; consulting for developments; roadside plantings; habitat restoration; agroforestry; organic farming and nursery creation; native seed collections; environmental weeds; native vegetation surveys; water quality monitoring; environmental management plans; Commitees member on two Integrated Catchment Management Committees SE QLD; Campaigning and Court Action, ACF Gold Coast, SE QLD; Early Childhood Environmental learning programs; Youth environmental programs; horticultural educational programs for people with moderate to severe intellectual disabilities;  successful funding submissions for many Community environmental projects; community tree planting projects; cross-community seed collection and nursery production for land rehabilitation.
  • Graduate Bachelor Applied Science (Hort.Tech.) majoring in Plant Strategies for Survival and Seed Bank Studies, Land Degradation Studies and Roadside Vegetation Management.
  • Post graduate Studies:- aboriginal educational studies – cross cultural environmental education. Pesticide Application Technology and Safety “train the trainer”. Business Skills Studies.
  • I have spent much of my professional work (often with other dedicated environmental workers, teachers and students) in creating “on the ground” projects and information that had not been put in place before. Some projects were  facilitated due to their being in very early stages of community awareness and practical understanding (such as there being  no government guidelines in place / very little information compiled for practical use/ widespread commercial activity requiring extension liason with scientific expertise and higher learning,  to help further environmentally sustainable practices). These “on the ground” projects include environmental management planning, environmental weeds workshops and display, pesticide application and safety technology extension, forum on environmentally sustainable development, working with and understanding native grasses, SE QLD.  Much of this work was done by working with other dedicated environmental advocates, for whom I continue to have the greatest respect.
  • Over 30 years as practicing Astrologer – natal astrology, dream interpretation work , personal and group motivation.